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About Us

We invest as a principal and with funding partners privately owned companies seeking expansion capital. We invest in 4 types of businesses:


Start-Ups - Very rarely and only where outstanding management teams…

Pre-IPO’s - Companies with an established market position

List to Acquire - generally involving the use of a purpose built plc vehicle…

Platform Buy and Build - where HBCP would acquire or invest in a company.


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HBCP offers investee companies the following attributes:


Reputation and contacts of James Caan, Adrian Bradshaw and the Hamilton Bradshaw Group.

Investment using our own capital and capital from the HB group in transactions.

Support for the investee company management during the expansion and exit phases.

Access to other Hamilton Bradshaw products and services

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We seek to invest in companies with exciting growth prospects. We tend to invest with management teams who have a high level of motivation, room for growth and clear exit strategies.

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Our Expert Team

Our Expert Team

We are able to offer over 30 years of experience and provide the expertise to expand and add value to your business.

HB Group Companies

HB Group Companies

The Hamilton Bradshaw Group offers a variety of services from specialist private equity focusing on recruitment to investing in property entrepreneurs.

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