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Hamilton Bradshaw Capital Partners Limited (HBCP) was established in November 2010 by Adrian Bradshaw, James Caan CBE, investing as a principal and with funding partners in privately owned companies seeking expansion capital. HBCP invests in four types of businesses:

Start Ups

Very rarely and only where outstaiding management teams with a strong track record are involved.


Companies with an established market position which are, perhaps 1-3 years away from a liquidity event being either a trade sale or listing.

List to Acquire

This would generally involve the use of a purpose built plc vehicle which HBCP would simultaneously list and acquire a target company where it was agreed by HBCP and the investee company management that a listing was preferable to private company status. For example the management team may have acquisition targets which may be best completed through a combination of cash and listed shares.

Platform Buy and Build

Where HBCP would acquire or invest in a company seeking to build through acquisition a platform position in a sector, where a number of acquisitions had been targeted.


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Sector Focus

Your Business

We seek to invest in companies with exciting growth prospects. We tend to invest with management teams who have a high level of motivation, room for growth and clear exit strategies.

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Our Expert Team

Our Expert Team

We are able to offer over 30 years of experience and provide the expertise to expand and add value to your business.

HB Group Companies

HB Group Companies

The Hamilton Bradshaw Group offers a variety of services from specialist private equity focusing on recruitment to investing in property entrepreneurs.

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